The Candle Tree


The exploration of desire-thru-flames took a twist lately with the Candle Tree, presented by Flambeaux at Abby Hertz' erotically charged art-party 'LUST', on Valentine's Day.

Made with wood, wax and deer-antlers,  it's a dark version of a springtime tree in bloom - except the fruits are flames.

Instead of a sunkissed afternoon, our lovers lay beneath a tree at night, lost in mirth, in the light of a forest of flickering flames, as a slow hot-wax rain falls onto Flambeaux's spellbound maidens below.

Built as a live art installation, constantly reforming itself in long dripping strands of wax, it is part Avatar, part Elysian Fields and part Tim Burton. Check the gallery below to see what we did under the Candle Tree at LUST  ; )

10 feet high, maintained by a safety expert with FDNY presence, it becomes a safe and magical environment for the candlegirls to play with the attendees of your event.

All Flambeaux candle creations are copyrighted as intellectual property to Flambeaux Fire LLC