Church of Candles

Do humans not offer sacrifices of pain? Sadhus relinquish the use of limbs, Catholics climb to mountain shrines on their knees, and the noble Sioux hang from hooks on the tree of life. They do, still.

They seem to find peace - so why shouldn't we?

We don't place a Godhead on an altar. The models are goddesses in a Church of Girl, of Flame, of Wax. If anything, we worship the trance, the feeling of purity and beauty that a little pain can give, and the sense of awe of the crowd around us.

That is our hymn, our sacrifice - as you can see in this modern glamour ritual in the lobby of #4 Times Square - formerly the Conde Nast building in New York City

No one knew they were going to encounter this solid mass of devotees to some strange religious practice. But it was open to the public, so everyone had an angle. For 4 hours we conducted a loose, sexy drowsy ritual with much fun and celebration. Of art, of the flame, and of life.